Defining the rules of the CYBERMAGIA based in Katowice and contraindications to the use of simulators and virtual reality devices.

By purchasing an admission ticket, the participant agrees to the provisions of these regulations and undertakes to comply with them, bearing full responsibility for any consequences resulting from failure to respect them.

Each person staying at the CYBERMAGIA  undertakes to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and the instructions and recommendations of the CYBERMAGIA.

  1. In order to ensure the highest possible level of safety of participants and to prevent possible damage that may occur in the CYBERMAGIA Entertainment Center - video monitoring is installed on the facility with the recording option.
  2. Each participant of the CYBERMAGIA Entertainment Center, by being present on the premises of the CYBERMAGIA, agrees to having the image of them and their ward recorded.
  3. On the premises of the entire CYBERMAGIA facility, the following actions are forbidden:
  • smoking and using electronic or similar cigarettes,
  • bringing into the facility, taking or being under the influence of drugs, intoxicants or psychotropic substances,
  • bringing alcohol into the facility and being under its influence,
  • bringing any weapons and materials that may endanger safety,
  • bringing animals to the premises of the facility,
  • eating food not purchased from CYBERMAGIA, access to rooms marked as "staff only", behavior that may endanger the safety of people, equipment, and other objects

In the event of not complying with the above recommendations, the CYBERMAGIA  has the right to discontinue the service provided without the right for the user to refund any part of the payment for the service provided.

In the event of any circumstances threatening safety, CYBERMAGIA also has the right to call the police and request the user to leave the facility.

Health contraindications for using the services of the CYBERMAGIA

It is recommended that each person, before using the services of the CYBERMAGIA, consults a doctor properly in order to avoid any negative effects that may affect their health.

The CYBERMAGIA advises against using the services it provides in the event of, among others, impaired sense of balance and movement, fatigue, sleepiness, digestive problems, emotional tension or anxiety, migraines, headaches and earaches, cardiac diseases.

Age contraindications for using the services of the CYBERMAGIA  For safety reasons, the use of virtual reality devices and simulators is possible by people:

  • under the age of 13 - under the care and consent of a parent / legal guardian

Additional requirements and restrictions for the use of simulators - this is a weight and height restriction, namely it is contraindicated for people under 140 cm and over 200 cm tall and over 120 kg of weight. Users of the CYBERMAGIA , through their presence in the CYBERMAGIA facility - consent to the free dissemination of their image, registered in the facility - for the marketing purposes of CYBERMAGIA and KA-System activities.